United Kingdom




Training and Development 

At West, we believe that learning and development is a lifelong process designed to enhance the individual strengths and expertise of our team members. We offer various training and educational programs to accelerate team member development and growth.  

Apprenticeship Program 

West UK offers apprenticeship programmes in engineering, including fair opportunities for future employment. An apprenticeship programme with West is the perfect first step towards a career straight from college life into working life. Our apprenticeship lasts four years and offers a  a variety of opportunities in engineering.  Apprentices develop a whole spectrum of skills that will contribute to the success of their career. 

Digital Training Programs 

To keep up with digitization and the rapid development of Technology, we support on-the-job development with systematic training programs. Our seminars and learning opportunities offer a wide range of topics and are available around the world and in different languages.  Attending face-to-face trainings  support West’s local needs by encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences with colleagues.  We want to accompany team members on their professional and personal development journey and encourage and enable our team members to give their best every day.